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Let's Build Another School in Rwanda - TOGETHER!

The children need our help.

Our first school opened in Nkuzuzu in July 2019 thanks to the contributions and efforts of many people. We have committed to building a second school and have a whole new assortment of baskets on their way.  Let's do it again!

The idea behind Weaving Hope is simple - fund new schools for Rwandan children with sales of beautiful handcrafted baskets made by local artisans in the small Rwandan village of Muhanga.  The proceeds go directly to building schools that will nourish the minds and bodies of children - weaving hope for their future.  

Join our virtual construction crew by purchasing a basket!  It only takes a few seconds to complete the transaction and create positive change that sustains itself year after year.  It’s a TEAM effort, and TOGETHER, we will build this school.  Let's make it happen ... again! 


This mission not only helps the children, it also provides opportunities for Rwandan women to earn a steady living and escape gender-based violence, inequality and discrimination.  These authentic, handmade African baskets come directly from a women’s cooperative in the village of Muhanga.  Your purchase helps them have a meaningful job to provide for their families, moving them from crisis and poverty to stability and economic self-sufficiency.

Weaving Hope started by keeping it simple with four basket designs to choose from.  But, we are excited to announce 12 new basket woven products that will arrive in early November.  Stay tuned for preorder instructions. 

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Exciting News! Construction of our first preschool has been completed.  It is located in the rural community of Nkuzuzu, just outside of Kigali. We are now preparing to build our second school.  We will continue to keep everyone updated regarding progress for the school and future basket sales. 

Be sure to visit our site regularly to check our goal completion status and our News section for updates and photos of the new school in Nkuzuzu.

100% raised of our $30,000 goal to build school #1!
0% raised of our $35,000 goal to build school #2

of Rwandan
children attend


have stunted growth due to malnutrition.


of the proceeds from your purchase goes directly to building schools with feeding programs.

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