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Weaving Hope currently has four handmade African basket bowl designs still in inventory. These were created via traditional methods by women artisans of the Muhanga village in Rwanda.  Measuring approximately 12" in diameter and 3" in height, the baskets make great conversation pieces as part of your home décor.  Display them as a wall hanging, a table centerpiece or a bedroom adornment.

We have ordered 12 new styles of baskets, including trivets and lidded pots. We expect them to arrive in November. 

The artisan basket weavers belong to a women's cooperative, which helps them combat poverty.  Authentic basket weaving provides these women with meaningful employment and a way to take care of their families.

To produce the baskets, they wrap smooth sisal fibers around native grasses and reeds. The process is quite manual.  First, the women extract the fibers from sisal plant leaves that grow in their fields, then dye them in large black kettles to the desired colors.  The basket weavers then assemble each basket by hand, one-at-a-time, recreating a specific pattern from memory to produce the vibrantly colorful designs.

The below pictures are of the basket makers in Muhanga, some actually working on baskets for our Weaving Hope mission.

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Weaver’s workspace
Sisal fiber extraction
Weaving together
Colorful Assortment.  Crafted with Love.
Women’s Cooperative - Basket Production.