Rwanda School


In the summer of 2018, the Weaving Hope team visited three separate Rwandan preschools. The aim of the visits was to get a better sense of the needs of the students and the communities in which they live. Despite the minimalistic learning conditions we encountered, we found incredibly happy children and very involved teachers. We also had a more important reason for our visits - delivering large bags of food from the Hope on A Thousand Hills Agriculture Program.


On our first stop, we visited the Bumbogo Preschool, where our arrival was greeted by 150 children singing native songs. The children literally held our hands as they showed off their school. Their schoolhouse (pictured above) is the prototype of the design we intend to build with the Weaving Hope mission.

In addition to the bags of food, we also brought a few surprises for the children. Wake Forest University, in the spirit of "Pro Humanitate", sent along hats, frisbees and small coin purses, which were received with great excitement. Of course, all kids love balloons, regardless of where they live!  Who better than to provide balloons than Burton+Burton®, one of the largest balloon distributors in the world.  We inflated tons of balloons (for all 3 schools), which were a huge hit, as you can see in these pictures.

Carson Dellosa, another Weaving Hope supporter, made sure that the preschool's teachers were not forgotten in the gift-giving. A leading provider of supplemental education products, the Greensboro (NC)-based supplier sent along boxes of educational stickers for classroom use.  Carson Dellosa “understands that learning is everywhere.”


Rwanda is knowns as "the land of a thousand hills." The next school on our tour, sits on the side of one such hill, demonstrating the Rwandan landscape perfectly. The preschool is located in Nkuzuzu, a strikingly beautiful, but extremely rural area where transportation is often difficult. The school house consists of one room, a blackboard, benches, concrete floor, a partial foundation meant for a second room... and LOTS of balloons after we departed!  More happy children, led by a great teacher and supported by Hope on A Thousand Hills!


The last stop of our tour was the Kibagabaga Preschool in Kigali, located on the grounds of the Anglican Church. The connection between the students and their teachers was obvious to see. The teachers seemed endlessly (and tirelessly) engaged with the children. We were serenaded with songs and played a game of Simon Says (the language barrier making the game only slightly more challenging).

More balloons. More smiles. And a much deeper understanding of community needs and the hope that we can be weaving.

Nkuzuzu Preschool Classroom
Kibagabaga Preschool Teacher
Boys will be boys! 
Balloons are fun anywhere! 
Ready for class!
The Bumbogo Singers!
Heading Home!
Hello from Kibagabaga!