Weaving Hope Construction

Announcing Our Second School Project in Rwanda

Update from Ryan Dirks

First, I am honored to join the Weaving Hope team as the liaison with the Rwanda Ministry Partners for this second project. The work that my parents (Mark and Tracy), the Burton family (Maxine & Bob), and their respective companies (Beacon and Burton+ Burton) have accomplished in Rwanda is nothing short of inspiring.

I was lucky enough to join the team on the ground in 2019 to participate in the opening of the first school in Nkuzuzu and have wanted to contribute ever since. That said, I am excited for Weaving Hope’s next chapter and looking forward to helping find new projects to expand the organization’s impact in Rwanda.

Weaving Hope school organizers  Weaving Hope meeting people

We are excited to announce that our next project is in partnership with the East African Christian College to develop a mixed-use preschool to address two nationwide initiatives related to education - early childhood development and establishing a sustainable pipeline of qualified educators. The Center for Educational Excellence will be a fully functioning preschool that will also provide a supervised student-teaching environment for college students. Through the efforts of the construction team and project management by Ethan Carlson of Rwanda Ministry Partners, the Center is still on track to open this Fall, despite multiple quarantines and lockdowns.

Weaving Hope school rendering one  Weaving Hope school rendering two

We are grateful to all of those who have purchased baskets in order to further the Weaving Hope mission of strengthening communities, increasing access to education and providing income to the women’s basket making cooperative. None of this would be possible without your support.

Thank you all for helping leave the world a little bit better than how we found it.